When You Need Help Separating From Your Partner

Hire a divorce lawyer at FW Family Law Group LLC

Don't Battle With Your Partner In Court

Hire a competent divorce lawyer in Libertyville, IL

If you need to draft a child support arrangement or want to file for divorce, do so without going to court more than you need to by resolving many of the details outside of court in mediation. Count on a reputable divorce lawyer and child support lawyer at FW Family Law Group LLC in Libertyville for mediation.

Attorneys Kristie Fingerhut and Jessica Weiner understand how emotionally difficult entering the courtroom for any type of family matter can be. They work hard to make sure you're as comfortable as possible during divorce mediation or in court when needed. Our order of protection lawyer can also help in domestic violence cases. 

Schedule an appointment with FW Family Law Group LLC by calling 847-549-3075 now.

Trust a caring family lawyer to meet your legal needs

Attorneys Fingerhut & Weiner are dedicated to providing compassionate legal assistance to clients of the Libertyville area. FW Family Law Group LLC is the firm to call for help with a variety of family law needs, including:

Guardian ad litem | Divorce litigation | Child custody | Child support | Paternity | Orders of protection | Spousal support

They'll make sure you and your partner communicate effectively in order to reach a harmonious agreement when possible.

Avoid the time, money and stress associated with going to court. Call 847-549-3075 right away to schedule an appointment with a mediator or an attorney to suit your needs. Or call us to discuss what your needs may require.

Kristie handled my divorce a few years ago and was exceptional. She has continued to represent me for all things regarding family law, parenting time, child support, etc. I honestly don't know what my current family situation would look like without her guidance and expertise. She has proven time and time again that she truly cares about her clients and I feel that she has my children's best interest at heart. She is professional, diligent and logical in her approach to family law. I feel that Kristie focuses on the things that truly matter and makes the best use of time, money and resources. She is not your typical attorney who is simply looking to take your money and check the boxes. For this reason, I will always come back to her for my family legal needs. If you need legal counsel on family issues, do yourself a favor and call Kristie and her team.

-Matt A.

Get the personal attention you deserve

Attorneys Fingerhut & Weiner are your reliable resource for family law legal assistance and mediation in Libertyville. They'll make sure you and your partner stay on track during mediation or the court process and create a solution you both agree upon whenever possible. 

Schedule an appointment with FW Family Law Group LLC in Libertyville, IL as soon as possible.

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