FW Family Law Group provides Divorce & Family Law Mediation in Libertyville, IL

Families in distress due to divorce or other disputes do not always realize the great benefits that they can reap by turning to Divorce and Family Law mediation instead of waging a court fight. This cost-effective method for solving legal problems is faster and causes less harm to family emotions than does going into the courtroom with aggressive litigation. At the FW Family Law Group LLC, Libertyville, IL, clients are pleased to discover how these new ways are used to resolve family and divorce disputes.

Law Office of Kristie C. Fingerhut

Serving Northern Illinois, including Lake, Cook, DuPage and McHenry counties, FW Family Law Group LLC has a long history of helping families in distress find resolution for their legal problems of every kind. Mediation is especially helpful for those who have divorce issues or problems in other areas of family law, such as child custody or support. Attorney Kristie C. Fingerhut has been on the approved list of Family Law Mediators in Lake County since receiving her certificate in Family Law Mediation in 2008. She has seen first-hand how helpful her experience, knowledge and skill are to clients in the mediation process.

Libertyville Family Lawyer

As Libertyville Family Law Attorneys, Kristie Cary Fingerhut and Jessica L Weiner focus on helping their clients get the best possible outcome when they have divorce and family law issues. They give each client the personal attention and care they need to understand the various legal processes they are exposed to during a divorce or family law dispute. They have worked with hundreds of clients, saving them time and expense through divorce mediation over litigation, but when litigation is necessary, they are highly aggressive and determined to win the fairest outcome for their clients.

Mediation Benefits

Mediation Benefits

Attorneys Kristie C. Fingerhut and Jessica L. Weiner have helped their clients resolve many matters through mediation, to reach solutions more quickly and with less stress than a courtroom battle. Opting for mediation, with knowledgeable and experienced legal representation, is a great way to resolve complex and emotional areas of dispute, including:

  • Division of Assets/Debts
  • Spousal Support/Maintenance
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support/Expenses
  • Visitation
  • Moving to a new location
  • College Expenses

Mediation is a proven method for resolving family law disputes quickly and in a cost-efficient manner. It is definitely worth trying before moving into an aggressive and contentious court battle. Take the emotional level down a few notches, and be happily surprised at how easy agreements can become.

Do not wait any longer! For more information about mediation and how it can help your family, contact a divorce mediator or child custody mediator in Libertyville, IL, today for a consultation to discuss your concerns. Call us now, at (847) 549-3075.

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