Jessica is amazing!! She is my second attorney I retained after my case just wasn't moving forward. From the moment she took over I felt like a different person and noticed a substantial difference in the way my divorce was progressing. She explains everything to you and makes you feel extremely important. Jessica knows how to deal with opposing attorneys who try to make things very difficult. There was not a minute during the whole process where I felt alone or didn't have ALL my questions answered. Jessica is very knowledgeable of the divorce laws and tells you exactly how it is. Sometimes it's hard to hear the reality but rest assured she always has your back and does everything in your best interest. She is very easy to get in touch with, extremely responsive, and wants to settle the case without wiping out your account. My case was long and painful and Jessica made it very comforting even though the process is horrendous. I would highly recommend her! She is a complete life changer and don't know where I would be without her!!!!

Kristie is a plain speaking attorney, who is ethical and is prepared when she goes to court. I found Kristie to be an honest attorney whose advise was sound and practical. Too often attorneys fail to educate their clients or keep them informed, Kristie is very good communicating with her clients.

Larry G, a Divorce client (5 star review)

I owe my world to Jessica Weiner and FW Family Law !!! I've played on stage in front of 30+ thousand people and that was nothing compared to the fear of losing my son. Jessica Weiner calmed me and guided me through the most terrifying and difficult times of my life. She was graceful and fierce while simultaneously engaging the court with charming remarks. Words don't cover my gratitude for her and I will Forever be in her debt !

A few years after my divorce, I went back to petition for more time w my son. I used Kristie Fingerhut for that process. After a very contentious process w my ex-wife, I now have near 40% of time w my son. Kristie was a great contributor to the process. And, I felt she did so in a cost effective manner. I'm a big fan of Kristie and would recommend her to anyone going through a divorce, or as in my instance, for revisions to a parenting agreement. Truly, I can't say enough good things about her. She is a diamond in the rough, so to speak....

Jay, a Family client (5 star review)

My divorce from my ex was acrimonious, lengthy and not without drama. Jessica kept me grounded in reality and was with me every step of the way. She was my advocate in and out of the courtroom, going the extra mile on numerous occasions, even preparing and filing an emergency petition on my behalf over a holiday weekend. She earned my trust at a time when I had very little to give and validated my concerns when my ex was making crazy demands. Jessica has a firm grasp of family law and builds relationships to ultimately reach positive outcomes. I highly recommend her.

Kristie Fingerhut is by and far the most outstanding attorney I have ever had represent me. I had a very complicated divorce and continue to need representation for a multitude of post-divorce issues. Kristie is a brilliant attorney, and always gets me exactly what I need whether in court or via consultation with the opposing attorney. She responds immediately to my calls/emails, knows exactly how to handle my issues, no matter how complicated they are and resolves them quickly. I seriously do not know where my children and I would be without her. I highly recommend Kristie and cannot praise her enough for all that she has done for me and my kids!

Denise, a Divorce client (5 star review)

I met Jessica at a seminar at the Westin and after talking to her for a few minutes I knew she was exactly the person I needed in my corner as my case was turning from being amicable to becoming very hostile. She was able to take over my case very quickly and provide me with support and guidance that I didn't even know was possible. She takes time to listen and be there every step of the way, she is able to take emotions away and make you understand the facts. Jessica is not only extremely knowledgable of the law but makes this horrible process very painless because of her compassion and advice. If you are looking for a fighter who actually cares about you, is very quick to respond to any concerns you have then look no further. Jessica, unlike many other attorneys wants to be there for you and is extremely fair.

I found Kristie to be a very caring and competent attorney. She knew the right questions to ask me, took time to listen and made sure she covered all areas of importance anytime we had a court date. She explained the court procedures to me every step of the way. Kristie is detail oriented and it shows in all her work. I was grateful for that!!!

I appreciated the fact that my calls and e-mails were promptly responded to, as well as receiving copies of paperwork needed for my case quickly from her.

My divorce took a year to finalize - ending April, 2014. In that time span, I saw an extremely professional attorney who was quite knowledgeable, well-organized and able to stay on top of any obstacles we had to deal with.

Although divorce is not pleasant, Kristie did help me get through mine much easier than I had anticipated. I can't find fault with anything she did, and would recommend her highly to anyone in need of a divorce attorney.

Bonnie, a Divorce client (5 star review)

Jessica was recommended to me when my wife filed for divorce and threatened to take full custody of my son. From our first meeting, she was able to describe the process and prepare me for the obstacles which were going to be thrown our way. She has done an incredible job representing me and helping me get what I cherish most in life; time with my son. I feel so comfortable having Jessica in my corner, knowing she wont let anyone push her (or me) around. Jessica has done a wonderful job of dodging darts thrown by opposing counsel, as well as managing me as a client. If I have to get divorced again (and I sure hope I don't), Jessica would be my first and last phone call.